Primary Heating Equipment installed by A.J. Petrunis, Inc.
Boiler Boilers (Hydronic Heating)
Boilers heat water to be circulated through piping for home heating systems.
Examples of hydronic heating systems include radiators, convectors, radiant tube or baseboard.
Hydronic Heat (boilers)
Buderus Burnham Crown Weil McLain
Furnace Furnaces (Forced Air Heat)
A forced air heating system draws air from the home into a furnace, where it is heated and blown back via ductwork.
Forced Air Heat (furnaces)
Trane Armstrong Airtemp Spirit Bard Bryant
radiantheat Radiant Heat
Radiant Heat is one of the most efficient ways to heat warehouses, garages, storerooms, and other large facilities as well as your home. It delivers heat directly from the floor level, designed to be felt, not seen or heard.
Roth Taco Rahau Uponor (Wirsbo)
Primary Air Conditioning Equipment installed by A.J. Petrunis, Inc.
AC Air conditioners cool, filter, and dehumidify a room, offering much needed relief from the summer heat.
Central Air Conditioning
A.J. Petrunis exclusively sells Trane for Central Air Conditioning Trane
Mini Splits
Samsung (QuietSide) Mitsubishi EMI
Commercial Commercial Services
A.J. Petrunis, Inc. offers a wide variety of solutions for your commercial site, such as Trane rooftop units to provide an efficient air conditioning system for your facility. There is no job that is too big or too small.