Excellent Service

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your employees for the excellent service provided by your company. All of the technicians who have had occasion to come to our home have been courteous and performed their assignment in a competent and professional manner. Additionally, when I have had to call your office for fuel or service, your office personnel are always courteous and I can count on a quick response.
"It is a pleasure doing business with your company."

A Job Well Done

"I wish to thank you for an excellent job well done on my new heater. I have appreciated the prompt and courtous service I have experienced. A special commendation to your service man. Tony – such a polite hard worker – who takes such pride in his job. A rare commodity this day and age."

How Happy We Are

"The wife and I are writing this letter to let you know how happy we are with the work recently completed in our home by your company. We are not in the habit of sending this sort of correspondence, but feel compelled to let you know just how pleased we really are.
"You may recall just how bad the situation had got in our basement. We were desperate. We called, you came, offered a solution, and then you sent a team of professionals to get the job done."In this day and time, people are hesitant to let strangers into their homes. And most times, will even keep an eye on their every move. We did not feel that way about the crew you sent to our home. They came in on a mission, i.e. ... get the job done. And that is exactly what they did. We were awed by their professional manner and workmanship, and grateful to you for sending them out."Going into the basement now is no longer the nightmare it had become. It is dry, there are no leaks. The dehumidifier has even stopped running. Thank you so very much."

A Pleasure to Deal With.

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to say your company is a pleasure to deal with. Courteous, professional customer service is almost non-existent these days, but Petrunis excels in both areas. I was especially impressed to come home on October 26 to find my property completely secured by your workers. I had expected to find it as I left it in the morning with the fence propped open and this storage area which allows access to my crawl space open and was pleasantly surprised to find that your workers respected my property and closed the storage area, replaced the clasp on the door and closed the fence before leaving. That was true customer service and I greatly appreciated that. Not to mention that the job itself was completely accurate and well done with no air left in the lines."I also need to acknowledge the professional friendly service of your worker who came out on October 18. That job was also completely accurate and professional and when I asked him about what I thought was air in my pump he accurately diagnosed the problem with my cold water storage tank."I guess this turned out to be a bit longer than I expected, but I wanted to again express my appreciation for the workers taking the time to secure my property and acknowledge two jobs completed accurately and professionally and on the day and time promised. Again, Petrunis is a pleasure to deal with."

The Goodness of People

"I want to thank you for helping me with my pipes.
You trusted me to pay you on a timely basis.
It made me believe in the goodness of people."

Solved our Problem

"Just wanted to let you know you did what no one else could do over the past year - you solved the rusty water problem.
We appreciated all the good service over the years."

Helped Make a Home

"Thank you so much for your work in our center. You and your staff were wonderful to work with and did a great job. Thanks for helping to make our center a home away from home."

Dedicated Service.

"Much thanks and appreciation for your dedicated service!"

Persistence and Expertise

"Please forward this note of thanks to our 'regular service man' who was able to restore our heat this fall.
We really appreciate his persistence and expertise. Thank you!"

Heart-felt Thanks

"My brother and I wish to express our sincere and heart-felt thanks to you for your persistence and expertise in once again giving us a warm house, and a heater which has been working since you were here.
"We appreciate everything!"